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Renting a Printer - Customer corner

Providing a high class print services, from advising the best print option for your business, to the implementation and service support, we are ready to commit ourselves to putting your printing at ease.

  • As a customer you rent a printer, you pay a fixed amount per month, so no initial investment
  • You will receive all inks, toners and printing materials for free; you pay only per print you made
  • Each printer has 2 counters 1 for black and white printing and 1 for color printing
  • If the printer is broken, we will repair it for free within 2 working days
  • All costs are therefore inclusive, except for paper and VAT
  • Transport, installation, instruction and connection to your network is free
  • We invoice on monthly basis and based on the number of prints made
  • Maintenance and service is performed by trained technicians